Cruelty to Animals is the Source of All Evil


Okay, I’m not 100% sure that cruelty to animals is the source of all evil, but I have to agree with Lewis Gompertz here (who was part of the group that founded the first known animal protection society in the world, the RSPCA, in 1824 London): 

“though the nature of conduct towards our own species, and other animals, may appear to proceed from distinct qualities of mind, it is in fact from the same.”

Since he was a vegan—at a time when, like, no one was a vegan—he must have also included cruelty-inflicted-by-others-but-in-the-name-of-your-dinner. 

[If you don’t love Gompertz yet, you should: he was an ingenious inventor!]

I read this yesterday, written by a self-proclaimed Christian “proving” that the Bible gives Man the license to be either a good or bad steward. Really? Dude, I think the “good” is implied.

I think the last word should be from Henry Salt (another great one):