Puns Intended.

I’m back from holiday, with interior decorating ideas inspired by animals.


Buhl is a French style of furnishing. 

Or how about a practical and decorative way to seal those snail mail letters that you’re writing every afternoon? 


(You know, a wax seal. That looks like a seal.)

And the next time there’s a black-out, you will be very glad you got these:



(You know, a candle taper. That looks like a tapir.)

I would have been first in line, coins in hand to buy these essential items, but alas, it was all in satire by “Puck,” of the magazine by the same name, who is in fact ridiculing the very notion of blaspheming against Art.   

From: “The Fine Arts, as Applied to Domestic Purposes” in Sartain’s Union Magazine of Literature and Art, Vol. 10 (Jan.-June 1852). Philadelphia: John Sartain & Co. (via Googlebooks)

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