“Innovative” Animal Farming (part 2)

A widespread global subculture exists of artisans who “farm” their pet hair for crafting material. For example, Amazon offers a Japanese book on the subject, and more grotesquely reminiscent of taxonomical experiments, the Daily Mail has reported that some folks have made their dead pets’ hides into clothing.

The previously-quoted 1899 article on feeding hens newspaper also mentions the successful establishment of “cat fur farms” (“Another Perpetual Motion”). The suffragist vegetarian Frances W. Willard published a very practical guide called Occupations for Women (1897) wherein she advocates for pet-boarding and breeding as “profitable and congenial business” options (117). In this handbook, she disapprovingly distinguishes such “cat lovers” from the “heartless people” who have set up cat fur farms.



“Another Perpetual Motion.” Dental Digest 5 (Jan.-Dec.). Chicago: J.N. Crouse, 1899. Google Book Search. Web.

Willard, Frances E. Occupations for Women. New York: Success Co., 1897.

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